During our trip in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho an amazing opportunity came, the chance to see bald eagles in the wild! A natural phenomena occurs in Beauty Bay where spawning sockeye salmon come to the bay to die and so too do the bald eagles. So we went to the bay and saw the bald eagles soar through the sky on the hunt for salmon!

It’s been four years since I’ve seen a bald eagle. The last time I saw one was visiting Thomas’s wonderful grandparents in Bainbridge Island just off of Seattle. I was standing in the kitchen looking out the window doing dishes when I saw a bald eagle fly by. This time there was multiple bald eagles that beautifully soared high through the sky.

It was so cold outside probably in the 30s as we watched such an amazing scene before us! I loved every moment of seeing such gorgeous birds roam the sky hunting for salmon. The views were amazing and it was fun to see other birds too searching for fish just like the bald eagles.

Thomas and I stood out in the cold watching and capturing photos of these gorgeous birds while Mila and her grandparents waited and watched in the car. Thomas took all the photos below of the bald eagles in action, I took some of the scenery photos.


It is so cool to see two eagles at once. Did you know that bald eagles mate for life? These two eagles are probably a couple.

We watched the bald eagles on the other side of the railing off the road.

On the way out we saw this bald eagle above perched in a tree!

It was a spectacular experience to witness these beautiful bald eagles in nature hunting for food! Have you ever seen a bald eagle? I love nature, animals and wildlife and have had many wildlife encounters throughout the years so I look forward to doing more blog posts on this subject!