Mila 9 months old clapping.

Mila has been nine months since October 10th. She is growing up so fast, I can’t believe it! She still has six teeth and she is getting stronger in standing and walking. She still needs assistance in walking whether our hands or the furniture but she really is getting good at it. She will be walking before we know it.

 At 9 Months Mila enjoys:

– Eating food from our meals in her highchair on the table with us, whether buckwheat groats, avocado from our sandwiches, rice, salmon, sweet potato, etc. Her favorite foods currently are eggs, sweet potatoes and salmon. She loves them because she will hit her hand on the table for more.

– She loves clapping as seen in the photos above and below. When we are winding down for bed at night she will clap her hands a bunch while sitting and standing.

– She discovered climbing stairs when visiting grandmas house and now she climbs the short stairs in our house and loves it!

– Walking around with her learning walker and walking around the room with help from mamma and dadda.

– Listening to all of the cute songs we sing to her.

– She is so dexterous, using her hands to grab small objects and even pieces of food when she eats or things from her car seat.

– Taking things out of drawers, laundry baskets, my purse, books out of their bins in her room. She loves to jingle keys around, to roar and make new sounds.

– She is more assertive, so when I take something away from her, she can get mad or start crying because she still wanted the toy or item.

– She loves to dance and move her legs around.

– Yesterday she had her first completely solid number two.

– She loves exploring, still loves paper, loves musical toys, and her cause and effect toys.

– She enjoys going on adventures to stores and running errands.

This past month she has been mischievous, in Chinese astrology she is a Monkey and monkeys are known to be mischievous. She would bite our arms and skin with her teeth or grab her hands to scratch our faces but she has been doing better and this hasn’t really been an issue.

At this point Mila will not wear hand bands. As soon as she knows they are on her head she pulls them off. Clip on hair bows are what I am currently putting in her hair.

She is so smart, funny, relaxed, happy, and the greatest blessing we could ever ask for. We are so proud and honored to be her parents!

Our sweet girl, smiling because her dad was doing something silly.