In astrology our birthdays are called our Solar Returns. This is because each year the Sun returns to the exact degree it was when we were born. When I was born the Sun was at 12 degrees Libra, which happened on October 4th. Each year though your Solar Return can happen the day before or after your birthday. I had a great Solar Return/birthday! I turned 29 years old, which is really crazy to think I have one more year left of my 20s. 

This birthday was also significant because Thomas and I spent my 19th birthday together as friends, ten years ago, and here we are ten years later hanging out on my birthday again as husband and wife and with a beautiful baby girl! How special. 🙂
I feel like my 20s have flown by and on some level I do feel a bit sad that I am getting older, but you know aging is a part of life and I do want to accept it and embrace it. I do feel wiser as each calendar year passes by. I feel like I know my self more, my likes and dislikes and also the areas I need to improve, simply I feel like I have more self-awareness.
I have my BS degree in Psychology from the University of Utah, but it is through the subject of Astrology that I am truly able to understand myself and others. We all are born at unique locations, times and days and this snapshot of the sky the moment we were born is called our birth chart. Astrology is one of my biggest passions, I’ll save the discussion for another post, but I look forward to writing about astrology here on the blog!
For now let me tell you about my birthday…

Thomas took the day off work, so the three of us could all hang out. We had other plans that fell through but we are rescheduling so there is an upcoming adventure coming. Anyway, I bought decorations for a combined birthday party we are going to have for Mila and her cousin in December. I love to recycle and the cool thing about decorations are that you can reuse them! So Thomas woke up before Mila and I and decorated part of the house before we woke up. (I have the sweetest husband ever!)

I woke up and Thomas brought me my favorite mug with some coffee made perfectly to my liking, a rich cup of organic coffee with a splash of almond milk. Then Mila and I came downstairs to see the decorations hung out. I opened my eyes and saw this…

So festive and fun!
What beautiful red tulips!

How exciting! The decorations were awesome and definitely made me feel special! At 29, I think everyone should have birthday decorations, they aren’t just for kids!

I decided that we would have breakfast at home and Thomas made a delicious breakfast. Eggs over easy, turkey bacon, gluten free organic tortillas, and avocado. I made them into little burritos. Then we had a side of fruit, organic fresh apricots diced up with blueberries, which is the best combination ever. Oh and Kombucha! It was the best birthday breakfast!

Our yummy breakfast! (Don’t mind the artwork on the floor that has yet to be put up in a gallery wall.)
Mila was excited it was my birthday!
I had to have Kombucha and dark chocolate for later, yum!

   Then we got ready and went to a metaphysical shop where I got some new crystals and an Aura reading! I’ve always wanted to get an aura reading and photo and for some reason I was expecting a Polaroid style printed out aura photo, but maybe that is only at certain places like Sedona. Anyway, Thomas and I both got a report and a photo printed out on paper. I put my hand on this metal sensor and based on the feedback it got it transformed that into an aura chakra report. Honestly both Thomas and I thought the reports were accurate. It was really interesting see and to read! My aura was green and blue.
After this, Mila needed a nap. So we came home and I fed her and she took a nap. We were hungry and planned on eating out but since Mila was asleep in her crib I stood home while Thomas drove to pick up pizza.
I love pizza and we got some gluten free pizza from a place called Mod Pizza. The pizza was delicious!

Yummy gluten free pizza!
After we ate, I wanted to go to some thrift stores because I love finding treasures at thrift stores. We went to two thrift stores but unfortunately I didn’t find anything. Oh well, that is how it goes sometimes.
Afterward we went to King Soopers and got food for dinner. Instead of eating out, we got ingredients to make a gourmet special dinner, organic steaks, wild caught crab, and organic sweet potatoes, yum! We also got ghee, clarified butter, for the crab. We also had sparkling water with lemon in it. I wanted kombucha but if I drank that I would have been up all night.
Then it was time for cake, and by this time Mila was asleep. So Thomas sang me happy birthday and the kitties were near by. I made a wish and blew out the candles. I got the gluten free cake at Whole Foods and the ingredients were good. The sprinkles were even made of beet juice and other natural dyes.

That was my birthday. It was a great day, spent with my lovely family. Part 2 is yet to come, this was the special part of my birthday celebration that had to be rescheduled, but that will be coming up soon!

So how do you celebrate your birthday?