Our beautiful baby girl and you can see three of her teeth on the top of her mouth.

Mila has been 8 months old since September 10th. Our little girl is getting so big! Can you believe she already has 6 teeth?! She has four teeth on top and two on the bottom. She is so talkative, adventurous, curious, and more confident in her standing abilities. She is silly and loves to laugh and to learn. The other night Thomas and I spent the night watching videos of her we’ve recorded since she was a baby and it made me tear up. She has grown so much since the day we brought her home and it is exciting to see her develop and grow and see her personality shine through. I’m excited to watch her grow up each day and I anticipate all of the exciting things that are ahead, like her talking!

This picture totally shows Mila’s playful side.


At 8 months she loves to climb and stand.


She still loves her ‘sneaky fox’ stuffed animal.


That’s our Mila girl!
She is such a sweet heart 🙂


(You can find her Fox stuffed animal here)

At 8 Months Mila enjoys:

– She loves eating at the table with us and getting to grab food with her hands. Her favorite foods are eating cooked minced apple, fresh apricots, and scrambled eggs. She is so adventurous in eating and likes everything we’ve given her, except avocado.

– She loves to stand and walk with her learning walker. We were on the bed when she used the wall for support, let go of one hand and then the other, she stood unassisted for a few seconds! Mila is preparing herself for walking and becoming more confident in her standing abilities.

– Mila loves to tell stories. She will elevate her voice and talk loudly.

– She loves to drink water our of her cup. She has a learning cup with a handles that she likes to use, I barely coat the bottom with water and she works on drinking out of it. Mainly though we help her drink water out of a small mason jar. She does a great job drinking from it. She also has a water bottle with a straw that she loves to drink out of.

– Mila is very smart and dexterous. When we stack blocks she will grab the blocks one at a time, versus before when she would  knock them all down. When we show her a game, she quickly emulates what we show her and is a fast learner.

-She learned to clap her hands together!

– She loves being held a lot. Which is fine with me, she is only a baby once! 8-10 months is the period that baby’s may have social anxiety. Mila still does well around others but she has been wanting to be held more. Sometimes when I got to set her down she begins to cry even before I’ve even put her down so then I bring her back up and carry her. It was cute, one night Thomas was in bed with her winding down for sleep and usually I am there too but I had to do something and she started crying for me, looking at the door. This happened twice and as soon as I came back to the bed she was fine. This melted my heart. 🙂

– She likes to bust out of her baby gate area enclosure. Since then we’ve ordered two of the baby gates and have a large area in the family room for her to play and now she has more room to play and is fine playing within it.

-She loves going on walks in the Ergobaby carrier. She loves to see the trees, neighborhood, birds and wild rabbits.

-She loves when she in the shopping cart and her daddy pushes her fast around the store.