garden of the gods

After spending so much time working on house projects we decided from now on that we are going to dedicate Sundays for adventure. So on Sunday we spent a beautiful day exploring Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The park is free to enjoy and full of spectacular sandstone red rock formations. It was the perfect Fall Sunday with lots of sunshine and the perfect cool breeze, we had an awesome time exploring the natural landmark as a family!

This was taken when we were leaving the park, but here you get the idea of the drive within the landmark. It is such a pretty drive!
There are amazing red rock formations everywhere in the park.


Mila and I, ready for an adventure.


I wore Mila in our Ergobaby carrier. Mila didn’t like being in it when she was smaller, she preferred being in a wrap which I absolutely loved carrying her in. Now that she is older though, at 8 months, she loves being in the carrier and going on adventures with us. She wore this cute pink sun hat her grandparents generously got her when we visited them in Idaho. She quickly pulled it off her hat for the rest of our adventure. She does the same thing with bows, I’ll put bows in her hair and she will pull them off, lol.

Fall is my favorite season. I love the sunshine and all the warm rays in combination with the cool, comfortable Fall crisp air. I was excited to bust out a flannel for our hike. I’ve never owned hiking pants and for an upcoming adventure I got a pair of North Face hiking pants that have zippers so if you get too hot they transform into shorts. They fit great and I enjoyed wearing them. I also wore my second pair of hiking boots. I had a pair years a go that didn’t fit me right, so I never wore them. But I also got these hiking boots for future adventures and they were awesome. I do have to say though that they feel more clunky when I walk in them, but at least they are made for the mountain terrain.
There was limited parking at certain areas in the park. Luckily, we were able to park on the side of the road and walk to one of the tourist attractions of the amazing sand formations. We ended up not finding a trail near by so instead we hiked up this dirt road that went really far and the cool formations were near it so we could walk to them. It was the perfect trail for us to go on even though it was just a road. There were beautiful views from all angles!


My handsome husband and also our photographer for the day 🙂


Beautiful view of Pikes Peak!
Such cool trees.
The sun was shining its rays so warmly on us and with the cool breeze it was the perfect day!
The long winding red sand road and our shadows.
Such a cute photo of Mila at 8 months and her daddy!
It is so beautiful to see my husband be the best father he can be. I love them both so much. <3
After we went on our hike we decided to drive by the visitor center area and then we found the Garden of the Gods Trading Post. The place was full of all of the souvenirs and trinkets you could think of! We had fun exploring and looking around at everything. I definitely feel like we will be coming back here to get unique gifts for the holiday season coming up.
We were hungry so we ate a late lunch, around 4 pm. We ate outside and the atmosphere was so nice. There were trees everywhere, squirrels climbing around, a lovely fountain and adobe style architecture. Honestly though, our food wasn’t very good. I had a chicken salad and ended up only eating part of it. It wasn’t high quality ingredients, but oh well. Thomas had a burger and his was okay. I wouldn’t recommend the food, but the atmosphere was awesome, and I enjoyed being there with my family on this Sunday afternoon.
View from our table of a fountain and trees all around. They building was a cool adobe and I loved all of the fallen leaves on the ground, reminding us that Fall is definitely here.
Here is the patio area. The wooden thing in the middle is a place for kids to ‘pan for gold’. We will have to take Mila to do this fun activity when she is older.
Mila and I and Mila and daddy. 🙂


Until next time Garden of the Gods.

So if you live in Colorado or happen to visit Colorado I highly recommend spending an afternoon checking out Garden of the Gods. There is seriously so many trails and areas to explore in this big beautiful park. The energy here is really nice and the unique sandstone formations are a natural landmark that are worth seeing if you ever get the chance. I look forward to coming back and checking out the trails and new areas each time we visit!