Everywhere I go I see Halloween costumes for sale which reminds me that dress up season is upon us. In hopes of being environmentally friendly and to save money I have checked the thrift stores a few times to find a cute costume for Mila to wear this year. I did find and buy a pumpkin costume for $5 but it ended up being too big for her.

There are so many cute baby clothes that already incorporate animals, such as baby towels, and I figured if we buy her a costume we should try to get one that will serve as a costume and an outfit she can wear over and over again before she outgrows it.

So below I’ve found some really cute baby costumes that also double as baby pajamas or rompers, that baby can use for more then just their Halloween costume!

One  B E A R / Two  Z E B R A / Three  T I G E R
Four P A N D A / Five  D E E R / Six  L E O P A R D

We are going to order Mila number six. She loves to roar and make big cat sounds, so I think it will be perfect and I know she will look adorable in it. 🙂

If you have children or babies what are they dressing up as for Halloween this year? What are you dressing up as if you plan to?