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October 2017


Life lately

Over the weekend, Thomas, Mila and I, had an awesome adventure! Above is a photo foreshadowing the story to be told and the adventure that happened. Yes those are llamas! The post will be up this week. I really look…

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My Solar Return

  In astrology our birthdays are called our Solar Returns. This is because each year the Sun returns to the exact degree it was when we were born. When I was born the Sun was at 12 degrees Libra, which…

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garden of the gods
hiking, travel

Garden of the Gods

After spending so much time working on house projects we decided from now on that we are going to dedicate Sundays for adventure. So on Sunday we spent a beautiful day exploring Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado….

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Mila: 8 Months

Our beautiful baby girl and you can see three of her teeth on the top of her mouth. Mila has been 8 months old since September 10th. Our little girl is getting so big! Can you believe she already has…

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