birthday wishlist
Now that I am a mother and I have given birth, one’s birthday has so much more meaning. It is an ABSOLUTELY magical day when your soul chose to enter this life, your parents having created you, and I believe it is always a cause for celebration. From an astrological perspective your soul even chose the exact hour, minute and location of where you were born, all which make up our birth charts which are hugely symbolic and have so much significance.
Giving birth to Mila was one of the most surreal experiences I have ever been through. I gave birth to her naturally, with no pain medication or epidural and after 14 hours of labor our amazing, sweet little girl entered this world, it was an unbelievably beautiful experience. She will forever be our blessing and our pride and joy. 🙂
Iam thankful to have been able to experience what it means to be pregnant, to have a baby grow in my womb and be delivered. I will have to write about Mila’s birth story, but one part of the experience that I will always appreciate is being able to feel what they call ‘the ring of fire’, when her head started to crown. It was a burning sensation and in that moment I knew I was getting closer to delivering our sweet Mila Anna. Our bodies as women are incredible and I feel so blessed to have given birth successfully to our healthy baby girl. So kudos to all of our mamas and papas for bringing us into this world. 🙂
Anyway, my birthday is in a little over a week, and above are the items on my wish list.

O N E.

Over the weekend we found ourselves at Sierra Trading Post and I found the most beautiful ombre knit cardigan by Royal Robbins (this one is similar). It is absolutely beautiful and totally my style. So after a little online search I came across this beautiful detailed knit cardigan. I would love to add this to my wardrobe!

T W O.

I love Earth Bound Trading Company and when I found this magnet, I wanted it. What a beautiful message that I thought would look good on our fridge and would be a nice reminder to be gentle with ourselves and to stay at ease. Unfortunately, the item is out of stock, so hopefully it will be coming back soon.

T H R E E.

I LOVE rings. They are something I will always have on my hand. Gemstone rings are my favorite and I do believe in the mystical properties that gemstones have been known to have across time in various cultures. This pretty ring is definitely my style, I love the rose flower and I have yet to have a turquoise ring, so I would treasure this ring.

F O U R.

Thomas and I have a collection of singing bowls that we love to play. I actually played singing bowls to Mila when I was pregnant with her, even till the day I gave birth to her. Recently she has played with mine and loved them. It was adorable to have her hit the bowl with the wooden stick and see her reaction! We have two larger brass ones and I got a small blue one just before my birthday at a gem fair in Utah and added a green one this year. Now I would love to add this orange singing bowl to our collection. I hope to eventually have a collection of singing bowls that resonate with all of our main chakras.
We have exciting plans to celebrate my birthday that I will be excited to share! I have a lot more blog posts I hope to post soon. Right now I am trying to find a good schedule and the right balance so that as a mom I can have time to also be creative through this blog. Have a great week!