A week in Couer D'Alene, Idaho
The view from Beauty Bay.

My husband had a week long business trip to attend in Couer D’Alene, Idaho (CDA) and fortunately Mila and I were able to come along. Mila and I hung out during the day and went exploring. After the work day was over we all got to spend time together. We stayed with Tom’s family and it was a wonderful trip! I have visited CDA Idaho before when Tom and I were on a road trip to Canada, for a week long hiking adventure back in 2012. We had ate lunch and had wine at the Coeur D’Alene Resort that overlooks the lake. The city is really beautiful. I was happy to be able to see the town more this time around and even more excited to be on this trip with our daughter.

Our trip highlights were swimming in Beauty Bay and taking Mila to the lake just the three of us, seeing family, seeing fawns, wild turkeys, seeing Mila spend time with her grandparents, stroller walks to the amazing park, date night, and all of the yummy food we ate. Here is what a week in Couer D’Alene, Idaho looked like for us.

Mila enjoyed her first flight at 7 months!

Mila did so well on the plane ride to Spokane, WA. The flight was two hours long and both on the way there and back she only cried once after waking up from her naps, but after comforting her she was fine and happily was entertained for the rest of the flights. On the way there it was pretty cute because there was another baby in our row. So Mila and the little boy would look at each other and Mila even tried crawling across me in the window seat. Then she tried squirming over her dad, next to me, trying to get to the baby, haha. It was adorable. I nursed her on the take off and landing point, since babies can’t pop their ears. She didn’t want to nurse on the landing point on the flight back so I gave her this natural rubber pacifier, which she loves and it worked great. I just had to make sure she didn’t drop it, which she didn’t.

She loved hanging out in the stroller as we cruised to the park and through the neighborhood.

During the week most of our days consisted of fun stroller walks to the park near the lake. Sherri was awesome and ordered tons of baby products that we use for Mila on a daily basis and more. She ordered this stroller, as pictured above, and it was awesome! It has lots of cup holders and even an area at the top to hold your phone, it fit the Iphone perfectly. I was able to walk and talk to my sister one day which was really nice. It also had lots of storage, so my huge leather bag fit underneath along with lots of other stuff.

Our stroller rides were full of wild life, like these wild turkeys and this fawn. The fawn was laying so serenely in the brush under some trees and the light hit her so perfectly, it was such a beautiful moment!

Gorgeous fawn and her sibling behind her resting in the shade.
Wild turkeys! So cool to see.

The park was awesome! It had a water park area where kids could run under the water that sprayed out of the ground and other cool water features. Mila and I walked through the mister one day. We had fun just relaxing in the grass, she crawled around and we enjoyed the sunshine.

The crazy big park, with a dog park, water park, tennis courts, etc.


The Lake CDA, right next to the park. How beautiful!
Mila hanging out.


She loved our park adventures and kept taking off her sun hat.

I also swung her on the swings. There was a 14 month old swinging next to us with her grandma. Mila enjoyed seeing another little person.

Curious about everyone around us.

Thomas got done with meetings and met up with us at the park. We then took a nice stroll through the neighborhood and checked out some beaches that overlooked the lake within walking distance.


Mila and daddy, I love these two so much!
Mila and I 🙂


Mila loves flowers! She loves the scent of them. There was lots of beautiful rose bushes and we let Mila smell them and she tried to bite them, haha.She is such a fun baby!

She loves the smell so much she wants to eat it.

One day we took the boat out to a restaurant accessible by boat. Mila didn’t like the boat ride because her life jacket didn’t fit her right and it was uncomfortable for her. The life jacket was much too big but she was such a trooper. I held her and she fell asleep on the way there and back after we had lunch at the restaurant called Shooters.

Mila had fun pretending to drive the boat! lol Don’t worry the boat was stopped – she wore her life jacket while we were moving.
The gorgeous sunset over the lake.

Friday was fun because everyone was flying home from the business trip and Thomas pretty much had the day off. So the three of us headed with the stroller to the beach a few streets away.


We had a blast hanging out on the beach! We took turns watching Mila while one of us swam. I sat by the shore and put Mila’s feet in the water but the water was really cold, too cold for her, so she had fun getting her feet wet, but she didn’t swim in it. We hung out on the towel and Tom carried her into the water.


We had some nut snack pack mix so we gave the duck some nuts. Then two seagulls came, wanting some too. We had fun seeing the ducks and birds. We also saw a bunch of geese land right next to us in the water, it was so cool!

Us at the beach.
Mila loves to take off our sunglasses, here she got her daddy’s shades.

We spent a few hours having fun at the lake. Then we had lunch and went on the boat.


The pretty view from the boat.


I love how the sunshine sparkles on the water.


This is Beauty Bay where we parked the boat and Thomas and I went swimming.


Daddy and daughter hanging out on the boat.
Mila enjoying hanging out with her grandparents on the boat.
Surprisingly, a boat is a pretty baby friendly place for a baby. The boat is all carpeted so she had soft surfaces to crawl around on and with supervision she had fun hanging out. I had so much fun swimming in the lake that day.
After the day we went home and ate and Thomas and I went our for dessert on a date.
One of our deserts at Beverley’s.

We went to Beverley’s, a restaurant at the CDA resort. The deserts were good and we had fun walking around the boardwalk afterwards.

We had a fun trip! Have you ever been to Couer D’ Alene Idaho? If so what do you enjoy doing there?