Our baby girl turned 7 months old on August 10th! It is crazy to think seven whole months have gone by as we’ve loved, nurtured and cared for our little girl. It’s been the greatest blessing in the world to be her mother and experience what it means to be a mama. It is amazing to feel so much unconditional love for her. It has been the greatest gift to watch her learn and grow as her cute personality emerges. 🙂 We love Mila so much!

(You can find her fox stuffed animal here).

At 7 months Mila enjoys:

  • Eating basmati rice
  • Fully crawling across the room
  • Standing with support next to the couch and grabbing for things on it
  • Playing with my wallet
  • Petting our kitty cats
  • Grabbing books and getting a hold of the pages
  • Finding paper, ripping it and putting it in her mouth
  • Getting a hold of my laptop or cellphone
  • Going shopping
  • Sitting in her highchair and eating everything given to her
  • Laughing at different random things
  • When we pretend to sneeze
  • Her “sneaky” fox stuffed animal (as seen in the photos)
  • Playing games like her flying in the air
  • Standing in her crib after she wakes up from her nap 

I’ve taken all of her monthly milestone photos from about 3 months and up on this couch in our bedroom that I nurse her on. I’ll get a post together showcasing how much she has grown soon!