family room design mountain lodge
When designing our family room I knew the two main elements I would base the design on were the sofa and rug. I love rugs and since we have sand colored carpets in our home I was  so excited to add a pretty colorful rug; a fun rug that Mila could play on since this is mainly where we hang out during the day.

Finding a new sofa was challenging. I thought I could try to find something to order online, and initially found one. But after reading negative reviews I cancelled the online order and decided the best thing to do was to sit on the sofa in person to make sure it is actually comfortable and would be what we truly wanted since couches are home furnishings that are going to last a long time.
We have a baby and my brother and sister-in-law, who are parents of two boys, recommended we should get a leather couch since they are pretty much spill proof. With this information in mind, we set out and went to the Furniture Row outlet store. We sat in many sofas, found the one pictured above and were in love. It was so comfortable and beautiful! My husband was even able to negotiate a really cheap price since these sofas they needed to get off the floor, which was awesome!
We ended up getting the above sofa with the matching love seat. From a design perspective I know having matching sofas isn’t recommended but they work great together in our family room. I also have ordered all of those pillows pictured above and they can be shared between sofas to have them flow together.
Originally I was planning on getting a mid-century modern sofa, but since we found a leather couch I immediately thought of a mountain lodge style for our family room. We love the mountains and going skiing. In the summer Tom and I would enjoy going up to Sundance Ski Resort in Utah and getting lunch and eating at a table near the river, including deserts (their cookies are the best!). Then we would walk around the resort among all the gorgeous wildflowers in bloom.
I searched high and low for the perfect rug. I first ordered this rug from Overstock (on sale). I loved how it looked in the photo, however when I received it the rug did not look like the photo! Instead of being white as in the photo, the rug was dark beige and the colors were totally off. It seemed like a beige and purple rug, which wasn’t the look I was going for.
Having lived in Utah, I graduated from the University of Utah and my husband worked downtown SLC. So we would meet up and have lunches on the rooftop garden at the local library. One time I had time to spare before we met up so I discovered this awesome shop called Bohem. It was closed when I walked by but they have an online shop and pretty much everything they have I love, it is totally my style! I had been eyeing this rug and though smaller I realized it was about the same price, plus made of a natural material, cotton and not to mention gorgeous and the exact southwestern style I wanted for the room.
I ordered the rug and the pillows pictured above from Bohem. I searched for kilim pillows which I ordered on Etsy and side tables too. The side tables are from Houzz, and the lamps are from Home Goods.
I’ll keep you updated for the family room reveal once I think it is ready! I will also have all of sources in the reveal post!