exploring manitou springs
On Sunday we decided to visit the hippie mountain town of Manitou Springs. I have heard about it but have never visited before but have always wanted to. Since it is close to our new home we definitely had to check it out! Honestly, I LOVE Manitou Springs! It reminded me of Estes Park and Boulder, CO. It had an old town mountain feel but it is also a spiritual town with lots of cool eclectic local shops and restaurants, amazing scenery and an overall positive vibe. We loved exploring Manitou Springs!

The mountains behind Manitou Springs.

Us at the Mate Factor Cafe.
The gorgeous mural!
So cute 🙂
The view from our table at the cafe.
Exploring shops in Manitou Springs.
Beautiful mountain views!
Goodbye for now.


Since we went during the weekend, parking was a bit stressful, there were so many people and few parking spots. Luckily after looking, we did find a great two hour parking spot and for two dollars, not bad. I changed Mila in the back of our SUV before we left. She was crying a lot because she didn’t want to be changed. It was super cute because after I changed her into her outfit a couple said, “You are beautiful” to Mila and she stopped crying and looked at them. They were nice and said “have fun with her” and were off. A lot of people stopped to say “hi” to Mila on our adventure. One lady even made her laugh and another said Mila was so cute and she should sign autographs. It always makes me smile how people are drawn to babies and I love how they interact with our baby girl. 🙂
Our first stop was to get some yummy food. Honestly, when I’m hungry I get ‘hangry’, maybe it is because I breastfeed and when my blood level drops I need food ASAP, haha. Anyway, we found the Mate Factor Cafe and were sold. I love Yerba Mata tea and this place sells organic yerba mate drinks along with sandwiches and other yummy food. You can even buy their organic yerba mate products here (I’m excited to order some myself). There chai yerba mate warm tea was SO delicious! They even gave us a sample of their vanilla hazelnut drink that was also bomb.
What was really cool was they also offer gluten free bread that they make in house from scratch. I had a veggie sandwich on gluten fee bread and Tom had a Reuben sandwich. The sandwiches were really good, they came with potatoes chips and a pickle on the side. The table we sat on was beautiful! There was a gorgeous nature mural of a waterfall and a toucan flying by. The table itself was a natural wood table, there was also a wicker pendant made from an upside down basket, cute yellow curtains and a hanging plant where we sat. They also had a fun menu and great service. It is definitely a place we will be coming back time and time again!
I was in search of some new face soap, and we came across a shop called Salus Natural Body Care shop. It is a local shop in Manitou Springs, but they also have two other Colorado locations. I left with this charcoal facial soap that I can’t wait to try!
We then stopped by Olive Tree Traders, a shop full of stunning colored glass light fixtures from Turkey, similar to this one and treasures from the Mediterranean, such as Turkish ceramics, silk pillows, etc.
We went and looked at lots of fun shops. I found a purse I want at a shop that had world finds, purses from Mexico and other places. I will have to come back around my b-day! 🙂 We saw cool pottery, ceramics, original artwork, tie dye clothing, and much more.
It started to rain as our two hour parking time was coming to an end. We stopped by this thrift store shop near our car, but it was a really small shop and we didn’t find anything. At this point it was pouring rain and we opened the umbrella and got to our car before it started to really come down.
Overall it was a wonderful adventure! We can’t wait to come back!
Have you ever been to Manitou Springs? Are there other places you recommend to visit in this fun and beautiful town?