At our last home there was a peony bush that would bloom the most beautiful peonies, they quickly became one of my favorite flowers! Each year for five years I would anticipate the blooming florals that came with the season and I was definitely sad to say goodbye to the gorgeous pink blossoms once we moved.

Yet, it was a very sweet surprise when I discovered a peony bush right near the front door at our new house in Colorado! A week into unpacking and getting settled, I went outside at night and snipped some peonies to put in vases. Peonies are so pretty and they are expensive flowers so I feel very blessed to have a bush full of these flowers that I can cut and put into vases to enjoy inside.
Next summer we plan on focusing on landscaping the yard, so the fun will come when we choose more pretty flowers and plants to add curb appeal and good Feng Shui to our home. This summer though our main goal is to bring our visions to life as far as the interior goes. I’ll keep you posted as we progress through these fun home projects.
What about you, what is your favorite flower? What is your favorite flower or plant that you have or would want to plant in your front yard?

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