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Hello! I'm Felicia.

I'm the author of Casa Libra, a lifestyle blog based in Colorado.  I write about transforming our house into a home, DIY projects, our travel adventures and everything else I find interesting and inspiring. Welcome!

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Respond to every call that excites your spirit ~rumi

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diy crochet produce bags

DIY Crochet Produce Bags

I really dislike the plastic waste of produce bags. I always carry my groceries home in reusable bags so my next eco-friendly goal is to bring my own reusable produce bags. On Pinterest I stumbled upon patterns for crochet market…

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baby/motherhood, DIY

DIY Cloth Baby Wipes

With our little one on the way in July I am rethinking our current baby wipe use. Since Mila was a baby we have used Water Wipes, the purest form of baby wipes, though not the cheapest. Now that Mila…

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