Hello! My name is Felicia, welcome to my blog, Casa Libra!

Casa Libra is my lifestyle blog where I write about our home, home decor, our adventures, travel, health and wellness and everything else I find interesting. It is a place where I share my inspirations and create content with the aim to inspire, enlighten, and entertain.

Casa Libra unites my love for home and family, ‘Casa’, means home in Spanish, with my passion for astrology. I am a Libra Sun and Libras love beauty in all forms. I love interior design and home decor. We became home owners in 2017, so this blog is a place where I can share all of our home projects and how we are transforming this house into our home.

I’m also a wife to my amazing husband, Thomas and a mama to our sweet daughter Mila (pronounced my-la). We have five cats, Riley, Willow, Odin, Lucas and Lizzie.  Riley we got from the animal shelter and the rest of them were a family of kittens born in our garden in Utah. We were only going to adopt one of the kittens but we decided to adopt them all because they were so cute and we couldn’t split up their family! We are definitely animal lovers!

I enjoy reading blogs, reading books, the subjects of astrology, feng shui, numerology, hiking, camping, traveling, going on adventures, drinking tea and coffee, exercise via kettle bells, yoga and pilates, skiing, baking deserts, interior design, being crafty, thrift shopping, gardening, herbalism, and holistic living.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you can find some inspiration here!

Namaste, (the divine in me appreciates the divine in you) 🙂