. Sunday, April 22, 2018 .

Happy Earth Day! In an effort to cut our water use, we have taken out sod in our lawn. In place of the sod we are going to create an amazing backyard garden, a space for flowers and another space for vegetables and herbs. We hope to attract butterflies, birds and honeybees. Watering a lawn of grass is so expensive and uses so much water that it is wasteful. There are lots of beneficial plants that can take its place and use far less water. We have a bunch of seeds we are going to plant after the last frost, after Mother's day. I have some seedlings growing inside as well. All of the sod is pulled up and now we just need to till the area and put a garden path in it.

My husband took a Lowe's run with our daughter Mila on Thursday and he came home telling me that they had tons of plants on clearance at Lowes. Mila and I have checked out all of the plants in the garden center in anticipation for planting season so we know their stock was good, they had tons of beautiful plants available. We had previously scored three rose bushes and some poppy plants on sale for $3 each! Anyway, I was putting Mila to bed so Thomas went back and filled carts full of plants! We have a backyard budget and we did want to include already developed flowers, so this was a great opportunity to stock up! (In no way is this a sponsored post, I just wanted to share our experience).

Garden landscaping: clearance plant extravaganza

. Saturday, April 21, 2018 .

I am on the search for a beautiful rug runner to add to the upper level of our home. I love that rug runners have the potential to add beauty, color, pattern and texture to the hallway. I have searched the internet and have found eight rug runners that are all under $75. The rugs are full of color, pattern and personality. I might just have to order one of these. I'll let you guys know if I do!

Which rug runner is your favorite?! Do you have rugs throughout your home? I love rugs in all shapes and sizes! They help keep your feet cozy and add a nice warmth to any space.

O N E - Green rug runner - $71.24
Size: 2'3" x 8'. This rug is made of natural cotton and handwoven with multiple colors in the main section and green on the outer edges. I love its texture and overall design. It also comes in five other colors.

T W O - Hand braided rug runner - $53.24
Size: 2'6" x 8'. This braided rug is made of 100% cotton and is handmade. I love the texture and bright color of this rug!

T H R E E - Colorful rug runner - $32.99
Size: 2'2" x 6. Full of color and boho flair this rug runner has a jute backing and is constructed mainly of polypropylene. This material is my least favorite but I think this type of rug is easier to clean.

F O U R - Aqua floor runner - $39.99
Size: 2' x 8' long. This floor runner is made of polyester and is good for both indoor and outdoor use. I love the diamond pattern design and the bright aqua color.

F I V E - Floral rug runner - $73.49
Size: 2'3" x 8'. I absolutely love the floral pattern on this rug runner! I love the pattern and the fact that is is made from 100% wool.

S I X - Handwoven rug runner $59.99
Size: 2' x 8'. This navy blue handwoven rug is gorgeous. I love the contrast of the white design against the dark blue. It is made of cotton.

S E V E N - Brown and Ivory floor runner- $75
Size: 2'3" x 9'. Made of hand tufted wool and cotton this rug is made to last. I love the unique geometric pattern that is inspired by Persian designs. The material is even dyed naturally!

E I G H T - Blue rug runner - $59.45
Size: 2'3" x 11'. The intricate design on this rug is beautiful. I'm not sure what the material is made of because it is not listed on the website but my guess is polypropylene.


8 stylish rug runners under $75

. Wednesday, April 18, 2018 .

One component I love about our home are the vaulted ceilings that make the main level of our living room, dining room and kitchen feel so spacious. We have a lot of wall space to work with and I knew a gallery wall in the dining room would be the perfect way to make the most of the space. We created a gallery wall in Mila's nursery and I just fell in love with how they look. It is fun to view so much art at once. I love art and I believe the more the merrier; gallery walls will always have a place in our home. :) For months this wall remained bare, but within six months of living in our new home, I was able to find and frame all of the art to create the gallery wall and I couldn't be more thrilled and pleased with how the wall looks.

Our dining room gallery wall

. Saturday, April 14, 2018 .

Spring is here which means planting season is upon us. I love finding the perfect pot to pair with a plant and nothing is more special than a mosaic pot you created yourself. In the spirit of creativity, I would like to share a fun DIY mosaic planter pot that I created from broken ceramic dishes I had collected through the years. I did a mosaic on a larger pot so it definitely took a good chunk of time, I'm estimating in total around 5 hours. This is doable on a weekend, which is when I did it. I love how my mosaic pot turned out and am excited to make another one in the near future! Let me show you how I made it, so you can make one too!

DIY Mosaic Planter Pot

. Tuesday, April 10, 2018 .

After reading about different houseplants in one of my books I realized I don't have any flowering houseplants besides the Peace Lily in our home. I once had a Cyclamen but it didn't do too well. I was determined to find a flowering house plant and I found the perfect one in the form of an African Violet!

My new African Violet and our cat Lizzie

. Sunday, April 8, 2018 .

It had been two years since I have skied, it was at Solitude Mountain in Utah in 2016, just a few months before I became pregnant with Mila. It was so fun to be able to ski again when we took our trip to Shweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, ID. We weren't expecting to bring Mila with us skiing but we did! The thought came to us when we were dining out for dinner. The next day while Steve and Sherri took some runs, Thomas, Mila and I drove down to the Walmart in Sandpoint and picked up a forward facing baby carrier. Thomas is an amazing expert skier. He can do the hardest blacks and has been skiing his whole life. With his experience we both agreed he was fine to wear Mila and they both would be safe.

Skiing at Schweitzer Mountain + Mila's day on the slopes

. Saturday, April 7, 2018 .

For Easter, Thomas, Mila and I flew to Idaho to spend a long weekend with family at Schweitzer Moutain. We all hung out, went skiing and had a blast! It was so nice to spend quality time with family in such a beautiful location. It warmed our hearts to see Mila spend time with her grandparents. We had gourmet meals each night, slept well and had fun, including being in the hot tub while snow gently fell from the sky. It was the perfect getaway and I am very grateful to my in-laws for this wonderful trip!

Our Easter Holiday at Schweitzer Mountain in Sandpoint, ID