A few weeks ago I did a post about being inspired to paint this plant wall in our family room black. Well its done! I ended up painting the wall a dark chocolate color that was actually leftover paint that was in our home already. I found the paint for the wall in our utility room which was used to paint our pergola. I really like the color and decided to just use what we already had to paint this wall. The color is called Phantom Mist by Olympic paint.

What do you guys think?!

I really love how the wall looks! I like how it is a dramatic wall and lets the plants and the plant stands pop against the wall. In person the wall color is more of a very dark chocolate brown tone. The dark wall is an improvement from the before plain cream colored wall. I like how the dark chocolate wall blends in with the railing above it in the breakfast nook.

Here is the BEFORE



Here is the AFTER