I was browsing through the aisles at Tuesday Morning when I discovered the most beautiful tiger plate. It was too pretty to eat on, the vibrant shades of blues and oranges, the plant and flower details were all just gorgeous. The plate was also only $2.99! I didn’t buy it that shopping trip because I was contemplating what I would do with it and where I would hang it if I got it. I decided I couldn’t pass it up so I went back to Tuesday Morning, luckily it was still there, and I bought it. My plan was to find another plate to pair it with to be displayed on one of our walls.

I always thought having plates hung on the wall wasn’t my style when it comes to interior design, but I realized it is just a matter of the plates being my style. I love animals, especially felines, cats, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, etc, and the tiger plate is definitely something I love. In astrology my Moon is in the astrological sign of Leo, which is ruled by the Lion, it makes sense that we have five cats, we are just feline lovers in this house. 🙂

I was running errands that same day I found the tiger plate and happened to be looking around at World Market when I found the beautiful leopard plate with the mom or dad and baby leopard. It was as if I was meant to have these two plates hanging on our wall together! I was so stoked when I got home and placed the plates together, they were a great match!

All that was left was to do was put them in plate hangers and display them. I chose to hang them in the small empty corner wall in our breakfast nook area. I absolutely love how they look! They brighten the space and the plates are just SO pretty, I love to see these wild cats in the corner.


Aren’t they pretty and the bottom one so cute?!



Have you hung plates anywhere in your home? I think I might hang some plates in our dining room in another smaller corner wall, but this will happen whenever I come across a plate I think I would want to hang up.

Last year I did a post on our breakfast nook area, and not too much has changed. We added these plants and now the plates. I don’t think we will have curtains on the windows and I love lifting the cordless blinds in every room as I walk throughout the home letting the sun in every morning. I’ll do another update this year as I add art to the walls and make any other changes.