A beautiful late November sunrise from our back patio in Colorado.

Lately I have been rising early around 6 am to start cleaning by 6:30 am. I enjoy the solitude, the stillness, the beauty in the silence and the time to check off items on my to-do list. It is really special to be able to watch the gorgeous sun rise about the trees and pronounce itself in hues of the rainbow. This is something I would have never done before. Being a first time mother, it is challenging trying to clean and get things done around the house. I’m never able to accomplish as much as I wish I could, and often I need my husband to watch our daughter as I work on tasks. This isn’t always possible as my husband has been doing other projects on our home that need to be done or making our kitties’ food from scratch (they eat a raw meat diet and it takes time to make their food in bulk). I truly appreciate every moment of this time being an early bird.

Waking before the sun has risen is a way for me to feel more balanced and productive in my life. I turn on the timer for 30 minutes in the kitchen and I get to work. I do this for an hour to an hour and a half sometimes two hours. I don’t even make coffee or tea, I just get to cleaning the kitchen, tidying, vacuuming, whatever needs to be done. I enjoy this time because it is uninterrupted, where my husband and our baby girl are still sound asleep. It makes me feel very productive and motivated to kick start the day. I also feel good knowing I am helping my family by keeping our household tidy and providing a serene environment to live in, this all means good feng shui that translates to good energy in our home and our lives.

I think I like being an early bird. Now I haven’t done this every day, but I want to make it a goal to do it as often as needed. Bottom line though is I probably won’t wbe an early bird seven days a week because sometimes it is good to get a littler more rest, but so far I like this new act of rising before the sun and it has had positive effects on my family and I.

What about you, are you a early bird or early riser?