. Wednesday, October 25, 2017 .

Thomas and I have been together for eight years and we've never carved pumpkins before, until now! We've bought pumpkins and one year we even grew a bunch from seed in our garden in Utah but I guess we just never got around to carving them. Since we are now parents I really want to start embracing the seasons and holidays by doing fun holiday stuff like carving pumpkins in Autumn. Carving pumpkins definitely brought back childhood memories as this was something we always did growing up.

Mountain and Mandala Carved Pumpkins

. Sunday, October 22, 2017 .

To celebrate my birthday we decided to take a family trip to Taos, New Mexico. We had the most amazing experience hiking with llamas in the mountains! Trekking with llamas was a once in a lifetime experience! Our experience was so unique, fun and whimsical! Llamas are so cute and to have our very own llama hiking buddy was pure joy! We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and it is definitely a memorable experience we will never forget!

Just to warn you this post contains tons of photos. I couldn't help myself, I had the camera around my neck and snapped away, but it was totally worth it to remember this special experience. :)

Our Llama adventure in Taos, New Mexico

. Wednesday, October 18, 2017 .
Everywhere I go I see Halloween costumes for sale which reminds me that dress up season is upon us. In hopes of being environmentally friendly and to save money I have checked the thrift stores a few times to find a cute costume for Mila to wear this year. I did find and buy a pumpkin costume for $5 but it ended up being too big for her.

There are so many cute baby clothes that already incorporate animals, such as baby towels, and I figured if we buy her a costume we should try to get one that will serve as a costume and an outfit she can wear over and over again before she outgrows it.

Baby Halloween costumes that double as pajamas

. Monday, October 16, 2017 .

Over the weekend, Thomas, Mila and I, had an awesome adventure! Above is a photo foreshadowing the story to be told and the adventure that happened. Yes those are llamas! The post will be up this week. I really look forward to sharing the escapade!

Life lately

. Saturday, October 7, 2017 .
In astrology our birthdays are called our Solar Returns. This is because each year the Sun returns to the exact degree it was when we were born. When I was born the Sun was at 12 degrees Libra, which happened on October 4th. Each year though your Solar Return can happen the day before or after your birthday. I had a great Solar Return/birthday! I turned 29 years old, which is really crazy to think I have one more year left of my 20s. 

My Solar Return

. Tuesday, October 3, 2017 .

After spending so much time working on house projects we decided from now on that we are going to dedicate Sundays for adventure. So on Sunday we spent a beautiful day exploring Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The park is free to enjoy and full of spectacular sandstone red rock formations. It was the perfect Fall Sunday with lots of sunshine and the perfect cool breeze, we had an awesome time exploring the natural landmark as a family!

Garden of the Gods

. Monday, October 2, 2017 .
Our beautiful baby girl and you can see three of her teeth on the top of her mouth.

Mila has been 8 months old since September 10th. Our little girl is getting so big! Can you believe she already has 6 teeth?! She has four teeth on top and two on the bottom. She is so talkative, adventurous, curious, and more confident in her standing abilities. She is silly and loves to laugh and to learn. The other night Thomas and I spent the night watching videos of her we've recorded since she was a baby and it made me tear up. She has grown so much since the day we brought her home and it is exciting to see her develop and grow and see her personality shine through. I'm excited to watch her grow up each day and I anticipate all of the exciting things that are ahead, like her talking!

Mila: 8 Months