. Saturday, August 26, 2017 .

Our baby girl turned 7 months old on August 10th! It is crazy to think seven whole months have gone by as we've loved, nurtured and cared for our little girl. It's been the greatest blessing in the world to be her mother and experience what it means to be a mama. It is amazing to feel so much unconditional love for her. It has been the greatest gift to watch her learn and grow as her cute personality emerges. :) We love Mila so much!

Mila: 7 Months

. Monday, August 7, 2017 .
On Sunday we decided to visit the hippie mountain town of Manitou Springs. I have heard about it but have never visited before but have always wanted to. Since it is close to our new home we definitely had to check it out! Honestly, I LOVE Manitou Springs! It reminded me of Estes Park and Boulder, CO. It had an old town mountain feel but it is also a spiritual town with lots of cool eclectic local shops and restaurants, amazing scenery and an overall positive vibe.

The mountains behind Manitou Springs.

Exploring Manitou Springs, CO

. Tuesday, August 1, 2017 .
When designing our family room I knew the two main elements I would base the design on were the sofa and rug. I love rugs and since we have sand colored carpets in our home I was  so excited to add a pretty colorful rug; a fun rug that Mila could play on since this is mainly where we hang out during the day.  

Family room design: Mountain Lodge